Sanskar Bharti Rangoli

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Stencil Rangoli

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Diwali Rangoli

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Free Hand Rangoli Designs

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Ready Made Stencil Rangoli

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Free Hand Rangoli | Tree Design Rangoli

In Rangoli designs we usually see and draw in a form of geometrical designs like circular, square, triangle etc., in free hand drawing, give us the wild imagination to draw in all kinds of forms. Here is one such simple tree design pattern in Rangoli. 

Free Hand Rangoli
Tree Design Rangoli

Free Hand Rangoli

So colorful and any one can easily draw this rangoli. 

Sanskar Bharti Rangoli | Diwali Rangoli

Beautiful color combination Gurjari Theme Diwali Rangoli

Diwali Quilling Greeting Card Ideas

  Diwali Quilling Greeting Card Ideas

Hand Made Diwali Greeting Card Design Ideas

You can hand made the greeting cards and give it to your loved ones. There is always a special touch when you prepare on your own greetings. Here are some ideas on Diwali celebration Greeting cards.  

This greeting card used the Acrylic painting and drawn the  Diwali Diya/Lamp emphasizing the celebration. 

This greeting card designed using nip painting and background color as smudged color effect.

Stencil Diwali Rangoli | Simple 2 min. Diwali Rangoli

Try this simple ready made Stencil Rangoli  decorating with diya on Diwali/Deepavali.

Diya Rangoli | Diwali Rangoli

Placed the assorted diya on wall mirror to get the refection of  the light and decorated with simple free hand Rangoli. It is very easy to do yet you will get the awesome effect. 

Happy Deepavali

Simple Diwali Rangoli

Sanskar Bharti Rangoli

Easy Free Hand Rangoli Designs

These are some color combination Free Hand Easy Rangoli for any festival occasion.

Quilling - Diwali Kite Design

Quilling - Wreath

Here is one simple beautiful nice color combo quilling wreath design to decorate your front door.

Origami - Lotus and Bag

I started to learn origami for the purpose of decoration on Ganesh Chaturthi festival. This Origami Lotus and Origami Small Bag i made it for my nephew and inserted a cute little Hanuman in it. 

Sanskar Bharti Rangoli - Easy Peacock Rangoli Designs

This is one of the simplest yet elegant easy style of peacock free hand rangoli which is filled with bright colors and decorated with Sanskar Bharthi Style motifs.

Quilling - Butterfly Design

Check out this beautiful Butterfly in Quilling. Choose your favorite color and give them the shape as tight as possible to create this awesome Quilled Butterfly. 

Glass Painting Designs

Before starting the painting clean the glass from glass cleaner to remove any residual dust left on the piece. Draw the  desired outline design inside of the glass and paint the outside of the glass. 
Here are some of the glass designs.

Diwali Rangoli Designs

Easy Free Hand Rangoli

This is one of the easiest rangoli based on Free Hand Rangoli design style used the combination of colors and flowers to fill the rangoli.


Stencil Rangoli Designs

Stencils are specified designed accurate patterns you can use them as per your creativity. Here are some of the designs using stencils.

Sanskar Bharti Rangoli - Peacock Rangoli Designs

Here are some the designs of Peacock Rangoli drawn as per Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Style.

Free Hand Rangoli - Elephant Rangoli Design

Easy Elephant Rangoli filled with beautiful bright combination of colors with proper shadows shows the depth of the drawing and decorated with Sanskar Bharti Rangoli style motifs. 

Ready Made Stencil Rangoli

Here is an alternative to representing the original Rangoli as Plastic Stencil Ready to use Rangoli. Ready made stencil Rangoli still allows you to customize your creativity within time. 

No messiness, no cleaning, no mistake you could achieve fabulous Rangoli. Here are some samples Rangoli made up of stencil sheets.

If you are interested to purchase please drop us a line we will send you the details of this product.

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